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LAER Roar Report - June 2024

Each month, our editable newsletter arrives in your inbox, ready for customization with highlighted sections for easy personalization.

Free Report Download

Question:  What letter comes next in this sequence? O T T F F S S ?

Answer:  E. Each is the first letter in the words that spell out numbers 1-8. 


🦁 How to Use the ROAR Report Newsletter

Utilize the ROAR Report to stay connected with your clients and community:

  • Send to past clients monthly as an item of value.

  • Print and distribute at Open Houses.

  • Leave copies at your favorite restaurants, coffee shops, libraries, and other venues that allow marketing materials.

  • Include in swag bags when sponsoring events such as road races or community days.

  • After preparing your newsletter, take a screenshot and post it on Facebook to invite others to join your mailing list.

📫How to Get Your Mailer Out

  1. Email with customization requests for your ROAR Report.

  2. Approve the customized ROAR Report once changes are made.

  3. Contact Happy Agent for assistance in downloading your CRM database to a CSV file.

  4. Email the completed ROAR Report and CSV file to Info@YellowLettersComplete.

  5. Yellow Letters Complete will send you a total price quote based on the number of mailers.

  6. Approve the pricing and authorize Yellow Letters Complete to send out your ROAR Reports.

Pricing for ROAR Reports (printing/folding/postage):

  • 200+ copies: $1.49 each

  • 300+ copies: $1.29 each

  • 500+ copies: $0.90 each

  • 700+ copies: $0.85 each

For more information, visit Yellow Letters Complete Website or contact Dave Schaaf at

Note: Yellow Letters Complete offers a variety of personalized mailing options. The information above is specific to ROAR Reports, which have been highly requested over the last week.


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